It's almost the 6th of December! The Sint is coming!

As a Belgian company, we are proudly celebrating Sinterklaas on the 6th of November. Discover the magic of Sinterklaas with us!

The Netherlands and Belgium cherish a treasured festival: Sinterklaas. This event centers on the intriguing figure of Sinterklaas, known as "Saint Nicholas". He arrives from Spain on an impressive steamer, accompanied by colorful companions called "Zwarte Piet", delighting children with presents.

On December 5th in the Netherlands and December 6th in Belgium, kids put their shoe by the fireplace, expecting a surprise from Sinterklaas overnight—small gifts, chocolates, and traditional treats.

Exciting news! In order to discover the Sinterklaas-magic together set us your masterpiece.. and see what happens! So grab your crayons and download the coloring page. Once done, mail your masterpiece to:

Aardenhuttestraat 18
8820 Torhout

Perhaps St Nicholas will admire your art and might even have sugar-free treats as a reward!