Oh so sweet and healthy!

Treat your sweet tooth guilt-free with our range of sugar-free treats! As chocoholics ourselves, we've always dreamt of enjoying delicious chocolate that's also healthy.

Well, guess what? SWEET-SWITCH® makes that dream a reality!

Our chocolate, cookies, candy & spreads are sweetened with Stevia or other sweeteners, offers enjoyment without the guilt. Plus, many products are vegan, gluten-free, palm oil-free, keto-friendly and packed with flavor!

Ready to treat yourself to some guilt-free sweetness? Discover our shop and discover the full range of sugar-free goodies awaiting you!

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Customers served! 1 % Free of Added Sugars
Customers served! 1 tons of sugar unexploited

That's the same weight as 100 African elephants!

Customers served! 1 Years of Experience
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We think you're amazing, but how do you think about us?

"My first order was a WINNER! Wow, such good products!! We are a healthy eating family and make good food choices, even with me being celiac and a son with prader willi syndrome. Thanks to SWEET-SWITCH® we can have a "cheat" every day!!"

Rombout C. // Belgium

"Love the products and service from SWEET-SWITCH®! They held back my order due to the hot weather, I appreciate the care.

I will continue to order our family's favorite hazelnut spread & chocolate covered almonds!"

Hoffman K. // Germany

"Very good products! They taste like the real thing though they are sugarfree. I love everything I ordered and will order again!"

Kerjouan A. // France

"You care about what's going on in your body, like I do, and you don't want to consume sugar but still want to enjoy delicious healthy treats? I highly recommend you to try the SWEET-SWITCH® products!"

Özge // Choco_Berry_Choco

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