Our sugarfree story

Welcome to the Sweet-Switch® story!

Discover the wonders behind SWEET-SWITCH®, the world's foremost sugar-free and sugar-reduced company.

At SWEET-SWITCH®, we craft magic in sugar-free chocolate, candy, cereal bars, biscuits, and spreads, perfect for every moment of indulgence. Our mission is simple: to understand and fulfill your need for healthier sweet pleasures. We believe in cutting out sugar for a better life, which is why we provide innovative, delicious, and healthy chocolate and confectionery options tailored to your lifestyle choices. And if you're in search of the best assortment of KETO-friendly products, rest assured, we've got you covered.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We conduct our business with the same values we hold dear in our personal lives, including caring for our planet. Our head office runs on solar energy, making it energy neutral. In our biscuit range, we've significantly reduced plastic consumption by over 70%, opting for eco-friendly packaging that not only benefits the environment but also extends the shelf life of each product.

It's a clear win-win situation for all! Furthermore, the entire SWEET-SWITCH® range is free from palm oil, contributing to a positive impact on the ecosystem of our planet.

Enjoy the sugar free journey & welcome to the wonderful world of SWEET-SWITCH®!

Sven Algoet
CEO, Owner & Founder

Protecting our planet is our priority at SWEET-SWITCH®. We're committed to sustainable practices, which is why we never use palm oil in our chocolates and sweets. We minimize plastic usage, opting for eco-friendly alternatives, and our headquarters operate on solar energy, making them energy neutral.

Join us in our mission for a greener, healthier planet!


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