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The best time for sugar free sweets, is now!


70% dark chocolate

dark chocolate & orange

milk chocolate

milk chocolate & hazelnuts

milk chocolate & salted caramel

dark chocolate almonds & sea salt

88% dark chocolate & raspberry

90% extra dark chocolate

Chocolate delights

pretzels love chocolate

dark grano crunch

belgian chocolate truffles

belgian dark & salty truffles

"Best snack without all the sugar, tastes just like regular confectionery! Even my husband and kids love it!"

Delphine B. // Belgium

"What a delightful discovery! The sugar-free milk chocolate with salted caramel is my absolute favorite. The taste is surprisingly rich and full, and you can't tell the difference from regular chocolate. It's truly a guilt-free treat!"

Kaat F. // The Netherlands


fruit fiesta


fruit fantasia

fruit bonbons

marshmallow twist mix

yummy gummy bears


almonds & chocolate


hazelnut spread

"My kids used to devour another famous Hazelnut Spread, loaded with sugar, constantly. I made the switch to this Hazelnut Spread, and surprisingly, they didn't notice a difference! Now, I'm beyond happy get to now SWEET-SWITCH and to provide them with a sugar-free and palm oil-free alternative. It's a win-win for me!"

Charlotte D. // France


black & white

coco rocks

super smiles