SWEET-SWITCH® adds 90% extra dark chocolate to already extensive range

Source: Het Nieuws van West-Vlaanderen - 23th of August 2024

SWEET-SWITCH® has been the sugar-free brand of choice for years. The Belgian company, based in Torhout, is the reference for sugar-free and reduced-sugar products. The SWEET-SWITCH® range really covers everything chocolate, biscuits, sweets and spreads. "The addition of the 90% Extra Dark Chocolate is a new high for sugar-free enjoyment," said Sven Algoet, founder and CEO of SWEET-SWITCH®, "We are therefore proud to present it to the world. We understand that many people are concerned daily with healthy and balanced lifestyles without sacrificing pleasure, and this chocolate is our answer to that need."

The 90% Extra Dark Chocolate is not only sugar-free but also has a 90% cocoa content, thus this new addition to the range offers a deeper and more complex flavour profile that reveals the true depth of pure cocoa. The chocolate is sugar-free and gluten-free, vegan and also contains no palm oil. The chocolate is suitable for diabetics and those following a KETO diet.

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