Hidden gem SWEET-SWITCH® shows its ambitions with move into Roeselare's Westwing Tower

Source: Made In West-Vlaanderen - 22nd of April 2024

This tower, the tallest in West Flanders, marks the highlight of Westwing Park. Focusing on sustainability and well-being, the building offers a green environment with space for social interaction.
The move to this innovative complex is symbolic. The company, a hidden gem, is keen to highlight its position as a market leader in sugar-free and low-sugar products. "We are convinced that a sugar-free diet is essential for a healthier life," says CEO and owner Sven Algoet. "This is why we offer innovative, tasty and healthy chocolate and confectionery products that perfectly suit different lifestyles."

Growth plan

This move to the state-of-the-art office is part of SWEET-SWITCH®'s growth plan. "With presence in 45 countries, from Japan to Chile with Belgium as its home market, the growth opportunity remains huge," adds Algoet. "There is still a lot of room for expansion and that obviously includes a bigger headquarters. Not only in the market is there room for growth, there are also a number of spots left in our office. Marketers, sales people or office managers are always welcome to apply without obligation."

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