SWEET-SWITCH®, who are we?

We are the world’s leading sugar free & sugar reduced company.

We create magic in sugar free chocolate, candy, biscuits & spreads for every moment of consumption. Our core activity is to understand and listen to your needs for healthier sweet little pleasures. It is our common conviction that we should cut out sugar for a better life. Therefore we provide innovative, tasty & healthy chocolate & confectionery, matching your lifestyle choice. This being said, if you’re here seeking for the best assortment of KETO-friendly products, then know we got you covered.

We run our business with the same ethos we value in our life. It thus comes natural that we take care of our planet. Some simple gestures we’ve done is making our head office energy neutral, running on solar energy. In our biscuit range, we’ve reduced our plastic consumption with more than 70% by eliminating the rigid hard tray, replacing it by thin foil to single pack each biscuit. Nice side effect is that this increases the shelf life of each cookie. Thus our moral compass steered us towards a product benefit.

A clear win-win in anybody’s language! The entire SWEET-SWITCH® range is also free from palm oil, creating a positive impact on the eco-system of the entire planet.

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Do you have any questions or concerns?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we love to bite in a piece of sugarfree candy but we won't bite you.

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