Chestnut pudding with coconut, berries and chocolate

by özge ergün - coco_berry_choco

recipes & fabulous new(s) SWEET-SWITCH® stuff Chestnut pudding with SWEET-SWITCH chocolate


Layer 1:
- 400 ml milk
- 1/2 teaspoon of stevia
- 4 tablespoon chestnut puree (I used store bought chestnut puree which only contains boiled chestnuts and water, you can also make it yourself at home from boiled chestnuts)
- 50 g semolina

Layer 2: 
- a handful of fresh berries

Layer 3:
- 1/3 of the first layer
- 2 tablespoons of cacao

Layer 4:
- SWEET-SWITCH® Coco Rocks

Layer 5:
- 50 g of SWEET-SWITCH® 88% dark chocolate with raspberry


- Coconut
- SWEET-SWITCH® Almonds & Chocolate

Let's get started!

Layer 1:
- Pour the milk in a saucepan and add the chestnut puree, semolina and stevia. 
- Cook the mixture on the stove at medium heat while stirring until it simmers. Then let it get thicker at low heat for a while.
- When it is thick enough, get it off the heat. If the chestnut puree or semolina didn't completely dissolve in the milk, then you might consider using a blender to make have a smooth mixture.
- Pour 2/3 of the mixture in cups by equally dividing them into 2.

Layer 2:
- Let it cool down a bit and then put the fresh berries on your pudding.

Layer 3:
- Add cacao to the leftover of the pudding.
- Mix them well.
- Pour this mixture on top of the berries, try to cover them completely.

Layer 4:
- Cut the Coco Rocks into small pieces and scatter them around on the 3rd layer.

Layer 5:
- Melt the chocolate either in a microwave or "au bain marie".
- Cover the 4th layer with melted chocolate.
- Decorate the desserts with desiccated coconut chocolate covered almonds.
- Let them cool in the fridge before consumption, then enjoy these amazing sweet treats.

Bon appetite!

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